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  • Stephan******** posted at 3/31/2024
    I found a hair in my food, i ordered hot and spicy shrimp and got a bowl full of onions and only 3 shrimps and the delivery driver kept asking for his tip and not giving my food unless i gave him the tip, the food is sometimes good 
  • xrob**** posted at 1/2/2024
    Ordered quickly while at work and thought there was a tip option included in the online order form. When the delivery person arrived, they delivered the food to the front of my building and then repeatedly asked about where his tip was. Keeping the receipt to hopefully still offer next time I'm in person. Still a fan of your food, but really requesting a method for online tips
  • dwoo***** posted at 12/6/2023
    why not tipping option when ordering with card online
  • cjme**** posted at 3/15/2023
    A kid answered the phone said they were not doing any combination meals. Same kid always says there's no cream cheese wonton. You have to order online and pay the fee for ordering online. Great food but they need to take the kid off the phones. Next time I just won't order.
  • lana**** posted at 9/10/2022
    Just called to try placing a pick up order at the Burnsville location, but the lady answer the phone was extremely rude. Refused to answer any questions about menu items after being told our first requests were no longer available. Looking at the online menu says the items we were asking for were actually available.
  • kwig***** posted at 9/8/2022
    My food was ice cold, waited almost a hour for it to arrive. I would like a refund. Here my order #520470784
  • todd**** posted at 12/26/2020
    Pick up at 3:30 please
  • jorda***** posted at 12/29/2019
    We love to order from here! Always love the beef sticks and chicken with broccoli. The rice is always fluffy and delicious! 
  • bill**** posted at 12/9/2018
    Do you have gift certificates?
  • ang*** posted at 10/22/2018
    Hi Eddie Cheng Restaurant,
    This is Angela from Aero Drapery & Blind and I know you are closed today. But I was wondering if you wanted to participate in our Trick or Treat Burnhill Plaza Event on Halloween that we created. If you want to participate and give candy out email me or call: 952-890-6393 to let me know and I will give you a sign of (how many hours you want to do) and advertise it on Facebook for you. Let me know before Halloween Oct. 31st.  
  • alltim******* posted at 10/16/2018
    the food takes over an hour to deliver 
    0/5 stars on deliever
    4/5 stars on food
  • croqu***** posted at 3/4/2018
    took them an hour delivered my food and I don't think anyone wants to wait that long for there food with out calling me to let me know if they were gonna be late or what is the problems.
  • red_j****** posted at 11/16/2017
    Do you have a wheat/gluten free menu?
  • victo***** posted at 6/11/2014
    @fried rice, Going to the Ren. fest *EVERY* year.  Don't have a Lute, but I do have a wench.  
  • blackla******* posted at 6/1/2014
    This forum is boring. Anyone going to the renaissance fair this year? I need a lute.
  • terryd****** posted at 5/10/2014
    Ordered 3 different main dishes tonight.  They arrived in about 30 minutes and steaming hot.  Things just got better from there.  The Chicken Egg Foo Young was the best ever.  The prices are vary fare.  The quality of the veggies were outstanding.  The portions were generous.  This is the first ever review I have done.  Just had to say how good it was.
  • ghem**** posted at 5/8/2014
    How do I order???I love the restaurant.. how can I eat it???I've checked all of the options.I can find!!! HELP!!!!!!!,
  • jennifer******** posted at 4/6/2014
    More and more people are unable to eat gluten (wheat, barley and rye).  Your restaurant has no gluten free information or options.  Consider cooking with Tamari and putting a few Gluten free items on the menu.  You would gain customers!  Thank you.
  • mjsb***** posted at 2/17/2014
    Do you have online ordering. My phone service isn't connectec now
  • redli***** posted at 1/17/2014
    So disappointed! Please consider changing the recipe and quick! I used to order 2-3 times a week from a place in BP but I cannot eat yours. The onions a far too large. They over take anything else in the mix. No eggs? It is very bland. The chicken I received yesterday was bright white! Please Please Please change it up so I can get my weekly fix again!